Shola Periyar Tree House


The eco-friendly locally available raw materials are used in the construction of the treehouses such as coir mats, bamboo poles, hay straws, trees used as pillar etc. Treehouse is basically modified versions of Erumadam, which were usually used by the tribals to protect themselves from the attacks of the wild animals. The shola periyar tree houses in Kerala are usually placed in the rain forests surrounded by the plantations of tea, coffee, cardamom and pepper. Indigenous techniques, skills and expertise of local tribal craftsmen are used for the construction and maintenance of these tree house.
Tree house stay will be definitely a very rare experience to the tourist.

The tree house  equipped with the modern features like beds, bathrooms with flushable toilets, washbasins with running water and shower. There is also a sit-outs or carpeted balconies where you can sit and relish the beauty of the surroundings in the lap of nature.

Tree houses are incorporated with all the facilities you are getting in your home. In effect, you are receiving a wonderful home without much disturbing the nature. You are consuming the less from nature for such a homestay. A complete home and homestays over 80 feet height, with all natural and fresh air and water. This homestay will simply renovate you entirely because you are experiencing a homestay, which is entirely better than your home in the tranquil beauty of nature. There is no facility of television, music system and other electronic devices in the tree houses thus making the entire arrangement eco-friendly. The only noise is that of the chirping of the birds, swaying of the trees and rustle of the grass, which would sound like music to the ears. The lighting is provided by the hurricane lamps and kerosene oil.

Stay at the shola Periyar tree houses is a unique experience and is welcome change from the usual stay in concrete and cement hotels. One can get really close to the nature and can have a picturesque view of the entire scenery from the top.



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